Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I train my dog?
All dogs should receive some type of training. Training decreases the likelihood of your dog developing behavior problems and strengthens the bond between you and your dog.

What training method does Red-Beau use?
Red-Beau uses a wide variety of techniques suited to each individual dog’s needs and owner’s preferences. There are many breeds of dogs and many different temperaments. We treat each dog as an individual and recommend programs that best fit each dog and owner’s needs.

How long will it take to train my dog?
This varies depending on what problems or goals you have for your dog. With some types of training you can see results in a couple of days, while others may take several months.

When should I begin training my dog?
Training should start the day you get your new puppy or dog. Remember training is just a way for us to better communicate with our dogs. Start early and reap the rewards!

Is my dog too old to be trained?
It is never to late to train your dog. Sometimes it may take a little longer, but the results can be the same no matter what age you start.

How do I solve my dog behavior problems?
Some behavior problems can be tricky. Especially if you are not sure how they got started. We can help!

I am so busy with my life and work. Can I really incorporate dog training?
Absolutely. Red-Beau will make training as simple as possible to incorporate into your every day life. But remember, the more you put into it the more you will get out!

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